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Vyper von der Law

This stunning male is out of our breeding program.  He is the son of Joker and Jacqui von der Law.  Vyper has some of the finest working lines in his pedigree, such as Axel vom Rolling Acres, ScH3,  Aik vom Thal Schwarzen Wolfe , Sch III, and Feenia vom Seeheimer Wald, ScH I. Vyper has correct body structure and well even temperament.  Exceptional ball drive and has a full mouth grip on sleeve.  Deep vocal bark when alerting.  Attentive to his surroundings who doesn't miss a thing.  Vyper has all the qualities to pass on to his offspring.  We are very pleased to have Vyper in our breeding program.


Judge von der Law

Judge has some of the finest working  lines in his pedigree, such as Axel vom Ron, Pedro Ze Zelene Uxlabine, ZP01, ZW2,ZV1 and SCH1, Aik vom Thai Schwarzen Wolfe, ScH3 and Feenia vom Seeheimer Wald, Sch1.  Judgge is a natural when it comes to protection. Quick to respond and shows awesome hunt and prey drives.  Very devoted to his handler and has recently displayed great qualities as a Therapy/Service Dog.   All great qualities to pass off to his off spring.


Hanz von der Law -- RETIRED

Hanz is a gorgeous black & red male.  A very confident and independent male.  He displays great hunt and prey drives.  He has a natural guarding and herding skills and should pass these instincts on to his progeny.  His pedigree goes back to some of the finest working lines, such as Axel vom Ron and Pedro Ze Zelene Uxlabiny, ZPO1, ZVV2, ZV1, SchH1